Commercial Casework & Millwork Manufacturing


We design, fabricate, and install Interior Architectural Casework and Millwork.
Our service begins where the idea starts.
Our shop drawings include floor plans, elevations, sections, and product specifications.
We follow AWI guidelines as specified in most projects.

We Design

Daniel Island Architectural Woodworking is a full service cabinet design, manufacturing, and installation company specializing in commercial plastic laminate casework. We continue to grow our business in the Design and Manufacturing of Architectural Woodwork through maintaining repeat customers in areas including Commercial and Industrial Construction, Medical Facilities (hospitals and doctors offices), Dental Clinics and Residential industries, as well as building new relationships with future clients. Please Contact Us anytime to discuss your project requirements.

We Fabricate

Experience takes us the distance when it comes to manufacturing and installation. We utilize CAD/CAM technology and understand the importance of following owner/architect specifications and drawings. Over the years, we have developed a method to communicate the exact details needed between our shop floor, your project supervision and other subcontractors in order to deliver quality products. We specialize in plastic laminate commercial casework and our products include elaborate Reception Desks, Nurses Stations, Teller Lines, Kiosks, Break Rooms, Work Areas, Conference Rooms, or any Interior Architectural Focal Point.

We Install

Over the past 25 years in business, we have continuously furnished and installed cabinetry across the US. We have a broad knowledge of construction methods, means, and documents. We can ensure our work will correlate with other company’s work on any project. We work with a variety of clients in many industries including Public & Private K-12 Schools, Government Projects, Universities (cafeterias and dorms), Hospitals, Doctors Offices, Dental Clinics, Hotels, Condo Developments, Banks, Restaurants, Retail Stores, Country Clubs, and Museums. We remain active in both negotiated and competitive bid work.

About Us

Daniel Island Architectural Woodworking has been in the high-end manufacturing and custom woodworking business in Charleston, SC since 1992. With a combined 50 years of experience, we have developed a simple method of integrating design, value, and quality with referable results through maintaining clear communication and precise documentation. We often collaborate with local and out of state builders, architects, and owners on projects including schools, medical facilities, restaurants, office complexes, and private residences. Our mission is to provide the best architectural woodwork. We strive to be on time, on budget, and to have exceptional quality. Voted one of the best Architectural Woodworking firms in the Southeast.


Contact Us

If you have questions about our products, our capabilities, previous projects that we’ve worked on, or our team, please contact us. As there is only a representative sampling of our product portfolio (and capabilities) on this site, if you don’t see a project like the one you are planning, we’d like to hear from you to discuss any projects that you are considering or planning. We are glad to provide you additional information, including a proposal for any of your projects. Please enter a brief description of the project and we will follow up to get any additional info that is needed.